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The e-commerce.

Bookshop - I need to add fields for ISBN and auhor


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I have set up Oscommerce for a bookshop which has about 55,000 books but I will only be puting in about 5000 manually to begin with. It works fine so far but I hope is can cope with the volume of titles.


The owner likes the site but was asking for the facility to search by ISBN, Author or Title. I can see 3 possible options:



Put the Book name and Author together in the "Products name" field.

And put the ISBN number at the end of the "Product's Description" field.


Then to find a book by ISBN you can use advanced search and check the "search product descrption" box.



Add an Author field and ISBN field. Then that field can be used in the advanced search.



Enter the data as in option 1, but modify the quick search to search through the products description as well.




I think option 2 aounds like the more 'proper' way to do things (especially if I am going to try to import his database in the future.), but as my PHP and general programming skills are very limited, I could try to convince my client to accept option 3.


Can anyone help me with either?




Thank you


Trevor Lam

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Option 2 is the only sane way to do this.. 55,000 products will require a well optimised database, with the search fields well indexed. Even 5000 products is a big database to search. I also find it amazing that you're talking about manually adding 5,000 products... surely he can provide some format you could import?


The task of adding the new fields to the admin, the database, and helping with the database import is about 3 hours of someones time (assuming a file is available in a useable format). If you do not have the knowledge, you may need to ask someone esle to do it... but trying to find an 'easier' solution to implement yourself is not going to work.


You could end up providing your client with a website that does not work, which will reflect badly on the services you provide.

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Has anyone a better solution for a bookstore oscommerce?

firstly, the fields needed are ISBN, title, author, year of publishing, pages, etc.

Secondly, no one can manually enter 55000 books. What we have is normally a file

which contains ISBN and price. We need a program that can automatically retrive data

from some libraries once ISBN is given.

Is there any such add-on written?

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Product Extra Fields. One of which would be ISBN.


CSV updater based on ISBN and price. Nothing exists, so you would need to get this made, expect to pay a smallish fee.




You can keep silent instead of advertising, while I am doing it.

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