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The e-commerce.

Help plz


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this is strange.. when i first setup my shopping cart it worked ..

as in the check out..


i was able to pick between COD and Credit Card.


now all of sudden i cant.

when im at the ..complete checkout

and the continue button..when i click it nothing happens now.


u guys know whats wrong?


also under the /admin/

for the modules.. it doesnt show anything



"Payment Modules


Modules Sort Order Status Action

Module Directory: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/pcard/includes/modules/payment/




is that even what im suppose to see?

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well if you havent already customized everything you can always run a freshinstall and just give it same dbase info then your dbase should stay there while all the other files get fixed

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i just reinstalled the disk from cpanel.

my host is totalchoicehosting


but neway..

the modules work as long as i dont go to admin control panels and click on modules


for each one i click on.. payment.. shipping.. etc.

that one will not work.


it doesnt make sense at all.

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