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The e-commerce.

Need Help Understanding Structure


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Hey Guys,

I must say that I don't post much, but I read just about every post you all write :) I have been involved and poking around with oscommerce for well over a year or two. Now I am in the midst of finally building a site for myself.

I have done minor tweaks in the past for friends, although now I want to get a bit more in depth with my own shop.


Here are a few questions I have.



As you know, the index page includes all most of the info boxes as default such as:

catalog, search, info, cart, best sellers, language, currency,etc. I understand how to turn these on and off. But this is my question

***How do you make these boxes apprear on some pages such as the index and not on others such as the login page. I see many people do this with certain pages to give them a less cluttered feel. For instance, remove column_right.php on a product page, but have it appear on other pages? Please let me know which files to edit.



I would like to change the login screen to have both members and new member info on one page, kind of like http://www.wizardsandwars.com/ has done (By the way your site looks great) I have seen many with a different version so maybe there is a contribution already?



What is the best SID killer to use? I am trying to score high ranks in the search engines. I will be installing the custom head and title controll for the keyword purposes.

I am a bit confused about forcing cookies, to not force cookies, aol users, sid killers, etc. Can someone just let me know what configurations they have that work efficiently?


I am very excited to be back to this great community and I plan to contribute and try to help answer questions that I know the answer to. osCommerce has come a long way and I absolutely love everything about it.


To anyone who replies I thank you lots. I look forward to answers.

Thanks Again

Frank S

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