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The e-commerce.

A lot of text, manual, tips, news in osc


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Hi guys i'm not a programmer of anykind that's why i post my question here on the forum.

I want to use osc as a store for 80000+ products but to attract the sales i have to give cmr's more then only the products, i want to give them a full description, related information, tips on how to use the product, text and images as you would find in magazines but linked to products.

I was thinking of something like the contrib page of osc, but then not for DL but for html text with img controlled by the admin.

I don't know if this can be realized, i hope there are people who think this would be a nice option and maybe someone want to make somekind of contrib.

I tried it with the phpnews contrib but that didn't work in my case. ...


sorry for my english

grtz Eternity

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Use the contribution like HTML editor for product discriptions. Can add site links, pics, PDF links and more.... Use Easy Populate contribution to UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD your items and discriptions in bulk.

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That was not the problem it was quit easy to add all my products + description, the problem is still where do i put all the xta info in a nice osc style i'm able to put some links in product descriptions but that's not what i want people have to read the xtra information provided on my site and from there they can view related products.


I have a story about:

"how to get the best out of your camera"


>introduction | |

> | Pic |

> | |





> >previous page | >next page


> post comment | > view comments


>usefull links:

other story; other story 2

>related products:

Leika xj 4555 ; nikkon 5877 ; minolta xi; ...


i hope you guys get bit of an idea what i want to achieve.

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That is much of what I was talking about


Can add site links, pics, PDF links and more....


Make a link (Say "Click HERE for MORE INFO") that LOADS any HTML page you want into the existing table (in the middle of the OSC page). Use the JAVA "BACK" button or browser button to go back or click on another link on the OSC page.


Good Luck

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Ok but in that case you get links at the product descriptions ok that's fine but still there isn't a way (in this case) to browse trough all the iformation that's provided on the site (you have to know the product to reach the information)

What i try to get is something like latest news on the OSC site ... a small box on the main page with latest added stories with a link in: the header, new added story or whereever on your site, let's say information box with a link pointing to a new page (looking like the rest of the site) with your catagories (like the contrib page in osc) if you click your cat you will end up in a dyn generated page with a listing of all the stories belonging to that cat. These listings contain:



<read more> <date added>.

When opening a story: you'll get



<text with some pics nxt page, prev page>

<related stories> <related products>

<add, view comment>


so what i try to say is you get some sort of catalog of your stories and a catalog of your shop both linking together ...

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