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What module allows users to select *type* of CC?


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Hello. I have chosen credit card option for payment in the admin/modules section.


I also installed the CVV module


However, I have no clue what module, or what file, will allow me to enter a text field, without fail, that lets users choose from amex or visa or mc


What to do?




Ps. If you know of a module (I couldn't find one) would it overwrite the data from the CVV module?

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Thanks, but that does me no good. I need a mod that let them choose their card.


This sucks. Not one person here has a site that lets them choose their card?


I can't believe our site won't run because of something so god damn stupid, it's comical, really.


Thanks for the tip, and at least you took the time to reply. Nobody here knows anything...

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You need to understand that everybody here is a volunteer, and can't always answer your question right away. If you want instant service then maybe you should pay for a cart. This cart is free and the support you get here is free and nobody is being paid to do this. there are a lot of people on this forum that are very knowledgeable, insulting us is not going to make people want to help......I understand your frustration, but we are not the ones to take it out on......



Is there a specific reason your customers need to be able to choose via radio button or whatever the card they want to use??? Can't they just put in their card number and exp date of whatever card they choose??? I ask this because I have had several other sites and never saw the need for that, I just told them what we accepted......


I am not trying to argue or insult, just want to understand, hope you don't take this the wrong way......

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Oh, it's ok. I know they are volunteers, I am not really mad at them, I just couldn't figure out how a shopping cart wouldn't include such a feature. But guess what, I just learned in another forum the info is provided, by default. Like you said, based on the first number. I had no idea.


I don't know how many people even realize this. It just hid there, I had no idea, when I looked at one of my purchases.


I would guess it does that with discover/amex, because it worked for mastercard. That is cooky


Thanks SO much for your time. It really is appreciated. Have a great day.

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The cart will tell you what kind of a card it is based on the number so there is no need for the customer to go through the extra step of selecting the card type. What I mean is this... run a fake order through your site using the test card 4111111111111111 and any future expiration date. Now go into the admin panel and look at the order details. Just above the CC owner's name it will tell you what kind of card it was...VISA. Now take a mastercard out of your wallet and enter a fake order using that card...go into admin and for that order it will have the card type of MasterCard shown before the number in the order details. You can keep going with Discover, AMEX, etc. and the cart will tell you what kind of card was used in the admin->orders->details page. Try it and you will see what I mean...it would be a useless step to add to the ordering process since the customer already knows what kind of card they are using and OSC will figure it out based on the number and will tell you in the admin section exactly what kind of card it was.

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