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The e-commerce.

My first shop - RUSSIA-SHOP


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Hi all!


Let me introduce my first shop -



The only thing, that is not completely ready is the entry-page; a "greeting"-text

should be placed there, but its no my matter. I installed the Define-Mainpage-module, so the owner can do it itself.


One more anxiety/question/problem/:

as to WebOptimisation,

the page loads to slow on low-speed-connections - such as 56K modem or single ISDN-line,

because the sum of all graphics is about 318Kb big.

What do You think, is it a (big) problem? I mean, nowadays we visit many websites where

the first thing which the visitor see is a Flash-progress-bar - and its loading and loading and loading...

I think the fewest amount of users use a 56K-Modems to surf the web - the majority have broadband-access...

At home - and I use DSL 128UP/768DOWN - the page loads within 3-4 seconds..

How was the performance on Your line?




How is the design?


What could/should be changed for more comfort & better view?



Thanks to Harald & the OsCommerce-team for a REALLY GREAT software!!!!


Sincerely, Your



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318k is HUGE! The vast majority of Internet users are still using 56k dialup.


Start by optimizing your pics as jpegs and/or gifs as appropriate instead of png's.


I quite like the novel plaque buttons for categories but at 10k each they are too big and could be much smaller with better optimization... they also disappear when clicked on.


If you must use such a dark background use a lighter text color such as silver or white.

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