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Anyone get this error Below if so what is it and how to fix it please




The additional Features for working with linked Tables have been deactivated. To find out why click here.

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Ive seen this error once or twice before. I have done hundreds of installs and mods. If I can remember correctly its because of certain types of queries on different versions of sql do not fly, where it searches multiple tables in one query and joins variables from different tables. If I saw the page and the context of the error I could probably tell you right away.

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This error is when looking in the data base at the homepage of the shopping cart.


Errror is on the bottom saying



The additional Features for working with linked Tables have been deactivated. To find out why click here.


when you click on the link click here


this is its explanation


PMA Database ... not OK[ Documentation ]

General relation features Disabled


then when you click on documentation link it tells me this.



$cfg['Servers'][$i]['pmadb'] string

Starting with version 2.3.0 phpMyAdmin offers a lot of features to work with master / foreign - tables. To use those as well as the bookmark feature you will need to create a new db.


To use this functionality as superuser create a new database:

create a new database for phpmyadmin:


Note that "controluser" must have SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE privileges on this database. Here is a query to set up those privileges (using "phpmyadmin" as the database name, and "pma" as the controluser):

GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ON phpmyadmin.* to 'pma'@'localhost';

do not give any other user rights on this database.

enter the databasename in $cfg['Servers'][$i]['pmadb']



$cfg['Servers'][$i]['bookmarktable'] string

Since release 2.2.0 phpMyAdmin allows to bookmark queries. This can be useful for queries you often run.


To allow the usage of this functionality the superuser has to:

set up a PMA database as described above

within this database create a table following this scheme:

CREATE TABLE `PMA_bookmark` (

id int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL auto_increment,

dbase varchar(255) NOT NULL,

user varchar(255) NOT NULL,

label varchar(255) NOT NULL,

query text NOT NULL,


) TYPE=MyISAM COMMENT='Bookmarks';


enter the tablename in $cfg['Servers'][$i]['bookmarktable']





I got this error i think when i uploaded to my hosting company and Frontpage extions were conflicying something about frontpage files.


Here is the files


NOTE: The following .htaccess files present in the document root do not appear to be created by Frontpage.









The shopping cart is functioing OK but what is this error, just in case i have problems later I don't think I need to build a new database file could it be the Frontpage Extentions, if so I need them right now for old website pages that will be link to the NEW PHP site.

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I also Added one Mod like the Ip address showing up at the bootom of the Pages.


I don't know which is causing the problem, I don't what to delete his and that and then have files missing.


Maybe mod is not for this version, i don't know.

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It's not an error in osCommerce; it's an error in phpMyAdmin. It doesn't matter (osCommerce doesn't use linked tables), but if you really want to fix it, I would suggest looking on the phpMyAdmin site rather than here.


Good luck,


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