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The e-commerce.

Weight measurement? Am I correct?? anyone?


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I have inputted a zone shipping system with 12 zones (by changing some Php code)

The shipping tables I have recieved form UPS and DHL shipping are based on Kilograms- KG

An example of a zone table for France and 2 other countries is below:-1:17.78,2:19.55,3:21.33,4:22.22,5:24.00,6:24.89,7:26.66,8:27.55,9:29.33,10:30.22



Where eg 1:17.78 = everything up to 1KG is 17.78euro, 2KG is 19.55 etc etc

Am I after working this out correctly? The prices are right I know,

All My product are set to 0.3KG in weight.

The problem is when I make a test order for a package to go to France one that should weight 2.2KG, or 5 products I get this-


Sub-Total: 105.60EUR

Zone Rates (Shipping to FR : 4.8 lb(s)): 7.26EUR

21% Irish VAT: 19.59EUR

Total: 112.86EUR


Where is the Ibs coming into the sum of things, how do I change it to KG????

I can't see anywhere to change it. Is this a nother Php code thing???


Thanks in advance for any help cause the longer this problem goes on the more money I'm losing



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I think it could be the tare wieght for common package wieght set in store configuration.. Set this to zero..


The actual lb(s) thing can be changed to KG in the languague file for shipping under the includes/languages/modles etc..


You can change this to RK(s) for rocks if you wish, it really doesnt matter as long as you know what you are putting your wieghts in for..


Hope this helps..



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