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How do I change the main header background image?


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Hello all,

How do I change the header background picture without the background tiling? I simply want the background to title and change with the page size.

I have made the following change in the stylesheet:


TR.header {

background: #ffffff;

background-image: url(images/hvwlogo.gif);

background-repeat: no-repeat


background-repeat: no-repeat stops it from tiling but the background does not fit to the whole header and looks different depending on the screen size.


Can anyone help by advising which modification needs to be done to title the background for the full length of the header rather than tile the background of the header.


Any guidence is appreciated.




Don't forget to check out http://wiki.oscommerce.com/Top for OsCommerce support documentation

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You can't stretch and image with CSS but you might be able to by using PHP. I have no idea if this will work.


in stylesheet.css

background-image: url(<?php echo tep_draw_separator('hvwlogo.gif', '100%', '30'); ?>);


in header.php

background="'<?php echo tep_draw_separator('hvwlogo.gif', '100%', '30'); ?>'"

while (!succeed) {try()};


GMT -6:00

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Hmmm ,

Im having the same problem , looking into it now.

Tried setting

ep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'logo.jpg', '100%'). '</a>'; ?></td>

within main_page.tpl.php (Loaded6.2 with Template system) No go.

Also changed the "header.php" file thats located in INCLUDES to

'logo.jpg', '100%')

and still nothing.


Anyone knwo what to do or have suggestions on where abouts I should add control for this?


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