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The e-commerce.

Problem I just cant figure out


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During installation it asked for :


Where do you want to install today?

A top level directory with this name will be created during installation.



So I had to make a directory up : I used the directory products...


So in order to view my newly installed website I would have to go to :




When I just use the domain name of www.rc-wholesale.com I get an index page.. How do I get the main website to come up without having to type the /products part


It may be a stupid question.. But I cant figure it out.





I was informed to try to put / instead of a name in the install directory. It did not work. PLease help me with this matter

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Here's one solution which I use for pointing multiple domains to the same catalog.


1. Open notepad/textpad or whatever.


2. Copy/paste this...



include "http://www.rc-wholesale.com/products/index.php";



3. Save this file as index.php (NOT on top of any existing index.php files) and FTP it to your root directory e.g. var/www/html or whatever the folder is above /products.


Job done in a round about way :)

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hmmm not sure what's happening there tbh... okay try this instead... the method i gave you before is better for search engines but this method will still work fine.


make new page with this in it:


<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
function MM_goToURL() { //v3.0
 var i, args=MM_goToURL.arguments; document.MM_returnValue = false;
 for (i=0; i<(args.length-1); i+=2) eval(args[i]+".location='"+args[i+1]+"'");
<body onLoad="MM_goToURL('parent','http://www.rc-wholesale.com/products/index.php');return document.MM_returnValue">


and save it as index.html in the same place you just put the index.php...


That should get rid of the error till you figure out what is causing it :)

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One more question.. After I complete all this hard word modifing the website to suit my needs... Is there a way to copy the site and use it over and over with a different domain name each time.. Or better yet.. after fantastico installs the oscommerce site on a new hosting account.. can I copy what certain files so that I can make the exact same site?


Please let me know.


The reason I am asking is that I sell ready made websites to my customers with my products. An example of the sites that I had someone make in the past for me :









The person making these sites for me made me a blank website. After I added all the products to the site he duplicates it as I need.

This is what I need.. to be able to duplicate the site and attach it to my customers choosen domain name? The person who is doing these sites for me charges a small fortune.. its just recently I foiund out I can do these myself


Can I use the database backup to duplicate sites. For example I went to my www.carvideo1.com website and did a database back and saved the .sql file to my harddrive..


Now I went to my www.rc-wholesale.com and clicked on restore. I used the file I downloaded from the site.. Nothing changed??


I want to copy all my products and departments that I added to the www.carvideo1.com site and transfer them to the www.rc-wholesale.com


Please help me with this

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Theoretically it sounds possible though I've never tried it myself.


I would have guessed that what you did with the database backup would have transferred all of your products across leaving you to copy over any changed .php files and graphics, keeping or changing your configure.php with whichever install.


What kind of server access have you got? I mean can you do a complete backup of one site and then transfer it across (not just FTP or osCommerce backup)?


I'm sure someone else here knows more about this than me?

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