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The e-commerce.

Shipping and Payment Methods


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ok i am new to PHP and never really done much with it, I have done HTML and see that PHP is a lot more difficult to master, as many of the pages are so intertwined.


I installed this oscommerce shopping cart so that i can accept credit cards on my website, but i need some help here.


1. I don't know how or really where to go to set the shipping up for all Flate Rate shipping I see shipping.php file and module folder and many other files while using WS_FTP program I have done some changes to the index page by the way of useing NOTE PAD, I can't see all of the coding in NOTE PAD so I can not change a lot of things.


2. I want to create pages that look exactly like the index page Default Look how do i do this using PHP files. Is it really this hard to build PHP if so why did anyone make such a file ext.


3. I would like to change pages like the shipping page that says Payment Method but in the NOTE PAD I can't understand the coding on where to change anything, where are the pages that are linked to these pages. I can't seem to find the intertwined pages this page links to that one and this one to that one and so on and so on.


How come the creators of this Shopping cart don't make it easier on Novice people? ;)



4. If i want to create another page identical to another one and just call it something else Like FAQ for frequently asked questions, how can i do this and have it showing up in the Information TEXT BOX and properly work.



In Advance Thanks for all you help, I need it.

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Signprint, Give him a break ;)




For development tools here a couple of freebies. Try PHPEdit http://www.phpedit.net/ or Maguma Studio http://www.maguma.com/products.php?article=free there are lots of others search the web.


For osCommerce info start here http://wiki.oscommerce.com/Top


PHP is a full fledge programming language not a tagged based language like html. This gives you virtually unlimited functionality and flexiblity.



To add new pages get this contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,701

while (!succeed) {try()};


GMT -6:00

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