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The e-commerce.

Multiple Stores ./. Mini-Stores (DB ./. Dir)


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New to osC! Trying to identify which is better? I have seen two contrib. One is Mini-Store with one Admin and the other is Virtual Mall alpha.


Both the concepts are diagonally opposite leading to a similar function. One seems to be ready and the other not yet. The Mini-store contrib replicates the main osC directory conceptually whereas the other tries to work like a Mall by replicating DB Tables.



So in Mini-Stores if there is an update in any of the scripts of osC then all the scripts have to be updated in the following directories. i.e. if one has twenty-five - thirty stores then one should replicate all of them.


The products info remains in the same table. So if one store needs an updating the entire catalogue prices then it would be difficult but possible.


One can use different templates for each store owners.


In Virtual Mall there are different tables storing the information so the updating different product information would not be a problem at all.


Further, there would be no big problem in updating the osC scripts as they would be once in the same directory.


However, it would have a restriction that the Gestaltung i.e. the Templates would be the same i.e. each and every store would look the same. So if it is created online for different clients still the templates would be the same.


Tha bad part is that it is still in Alpha version. The newest version is not yet realesed yet, maybe although it may be finished.



I am interested in having comments. I would like to use the osC with many stores to be created. The best would be to have login different for each owner and have super-admin rights to control each and everyone.


I would be the main and the only seller. It is just to have in the backend multiple stores owners i.s. different vendors coming and maintaining their orders.


So its like one owner having different stores giving possibilities to different vendors to operate and manage their orders. That`s what I am looking for...


Any suggestions?

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Funny you mention that. I am looking to work with someone on developing that, Unless someone knows of a good start to the project?


I have multiple dealers that are all interested in entering the ecommerce world. Is their anything out there that a can have multiple unique store fronts i.e. the clients logo and name on the home page, but pull from one inventory database? would be intrested in working with or contracting someone to get my company to this goal.

Thanks for your time

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Hi there!


There is one contribution Virtual Mall 1.1 that says would function what I was looking for. For I have had no success.


I have used the 2.2CVS version to apply the contrib. After applying it all the other function works fine, but the catalog on the admin side + catalog user side does not work. One cannet also create stores as mentioned in the documention.


This could be that I have not inserted in the right places, although I have taken extreme care about where which information has to go.


It is so disappointing that such a beautiful product like osCommerce and Virtual Mall or Mini-Stores contrib are not harmonised to become one product installation.


Further there is no installer and one has to apply manually which is ofcourse could be full of mistakes.

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