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The e-commerce.

Site runing as an affiliate


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I'm sorry Jason to be so blunt... but I'm afraid your website looks awful. It looks like a standard osCommerce with the product images messed up and the same goes for your fonts etc.


Additionally I don't think you can make the affiliate thing really work, but that's just an opinion.


I seriously doubt anyone is going to purchase through your website, I wish I had better news...




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Dude you have a lot of work to do there. It looks bog tock and very inconsistent.


When people visit your site they want to feel welcome and you should make it an environment that sparks a buying impulse.


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don't get too discouraged there. at least you got it up and running, added your own products and did some modifications yourself. MANY people can't even get that far. look around the this forums at the other sites and get some inspiration and ideas. try out some of the contributions as well.


here are a few pointers.

- try to use the same font and size for all the body text if you can. this can be done using the stylesheet.css used in oscommerce.

- in general serif fonts (times roman, courier, etc.) don't look good on-screen. non-serif fonts (arial, tahoma, helvetica, etc.) are much more readable on-screen and look cleaner

- try to use a maximum of 3 different colors. although the colors you have now are similar they are different and it makes your site look a just-throw-together look and feel

- center your footer, use a smaller font, unbold and divide the links with pipes |. it all looks like one long sentence right now

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You need consistency in the fonts you are using (particularly in the "Find the lowest price" for ssection)


Colours are a bit wishy washy, you need more contrast there.



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Some things to consider:


GRAPHICS, GRAPHICS, GRAPHICS! - You need to have something that is eye appealing to make your visitors say, "Holy Smokes, Batman!" ... or something like that atleast.


UNIVERSAL FONT - You need to make your page atleast look congruent. The left side looks fantastic, make your right side match it.


PERSONALITY - You should add a couple lines of text to welcome visitors, it will improve business ten-fold.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Constantly add products, pages, content. Give the users something to come back for. Don't get discouraged by ranting, it improves your site. (My site is still terribly plain, haven't even changed the original osC layout, but constant improvements make sales.) Also, as fr the affiliate with Dabs, it is VERY possible to make it work, try to make yourself look cut off from them, dont link to their products, since you can't compete with your supplier. I've done similar reselling things in the past and ended up selling more than my supplier, so it is possible.

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