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I have searched the forums for an hour now with no luck. Does anybody know if there is a way for the customers to have a choice between product options?


For example: My customer wants to buy some soup. I want them to be able to then click on the soup and then have the option of 8 oz for this price or 12 oz for another price.


I am hoping this is available so that I do not have to add every single soup and size as a separate product listing.



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Product Attributes. Set a value price of 0.00 for 8 oz. and add the difference between prices for the 12 oz.


You may want to look into the Attributes Sorter & Copier as well, assuming most of your products have the same options.




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It looks like product attributes was what I needed.


I created a product option called Size.


I gave it Option Values of: 8oz - 3.75 and 12oz - 4.50


Products attributes then looks like this:


Creamy Chicken Noodle Size 12oz - 4.50 0.7500 +

Creamy Chicken Noodle Size 8oz - 3.75 0.0000 +

Tomato Basil Size 12oz - 4.50 0.7500 +

Tomato Basil Size 8oz - 3.75 0.0000 +


I found that this looks nice in the page before the shopping cart. How it works for those that do not know is it creates a box with the title: Size


You can then choose which product you want: 8oz or 12oz. Oscommerce then adds the price that is specified to the price of the product. In this case it adds nothing for 8oz because that is already specified for the product itself. When someone chooses 12oz it adds .75 to the total, making it show up as 4.50 in the shopping cart.


I hope this helps some of you out there.



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