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Orders not processing


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I placed a real test order on my site and received a sales confirmation from Paypal. But that order is not showing on my Admin screen. I can't locate that order in Admin>Customer>Orders and it is not in Admin>Reports either.


And when I login as the customer to check my order, the items I ordered is still on the shopping cart. Inside My Order History, it says I have not yet made any purchases.


I tried making another purchase and the same thing happens. No purchases, no history and no e-mail confirmation from the website. Only from PayPal.


Please help.



Powder :blink:

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This is a huge problem it looks like. I have it, other too. So many of them are unanswered (ignored). The paypal gateway solution has no instructions. I'm not a programmer so am more than tempted just to dump paypal as 100% of my paypal customers have so far NOT pushed that last button to return control back to my site and therefore complete the transaction.

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Look in posts by chfields or in Tips & Tricks for a hack for regular PayPal (the problem is that the customer has to click to return to the site to create the order). You can also switch to PayPal IPN which is designed to be used with software like osCommerce (where multiple items are ordered at once).




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I am having the same problem. I can process a test order using COD & Check/Money Order option, but the Order is not showing up in my Customers/Orders area of the Admin Control Panel. However, if I type in the Order ID# at the top of the page, I can view the details of the order.


Any ideas?


PS - I also posted this to another thread at


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