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Desperate when too many visitors MySQL crashes


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Hi ppl.. any of you have got the error "Lost connection to MySQL server during query" when you have over 50 ppl online browsing your store?

I'm really getting desperate.. I thoguht it was because of my crappy server, now just changed to a new hosting with powerfull cpu/ram and still getting the same error..


any idea, or way to fix it??

plssss :)


c ya


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it's on your hosting company....... nothing to do with CPU/RAM all to do about mysql... but I have been wrong in the past. i would give them a call and ask them if they know anything about it

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You may want to check that the maximum number of connections is set high enough on the MySQL server. Is this a dedicated or shared server (I'm more concerned with the new server than the old one)? A heavily loaded shared server can be less powerful than a dedicated server with weaker specs.


Another thing to keep in mind is that number of CPUs is more important than power of CPUs. I would far rather have four 750Mhz P3s than one 3 Ghz P4 (or two P3s vs. one 2 Ghz P4). Xeon processors will be better in servers than Pentium class will as well.




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