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I need your advice people... SSL


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Hello people,


I know osCommerce is capable of using SSL... however, to be honest with you I know absolutely nothing of SSL. In order to better secure my customers I would like to learn as much as I can about it and see what my possibilities are of implementing it. I have my website without SSL already running perfectly.


I don't just need places where I can buy certificates not too expensive , I would also be very happy if you could point me to websites which can explain to me what SSL is, all the things that I need to take care off etc. I am in need of some information :)

Your opinions on the necessity of SSL etc etc are also appreciated (With my limited knowledge it sounds to me like SSL is a bit overdoing it... I mean, the database itself is secured only by .htaccess, so are we just giving the customers a false sense of security or what :D )

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Here's a quick explanation of SSL.


SSL encrypts the data going from your server to the customer's browser. It only secures that link, not your customer's computer or your server. You need to have good security on your server to protect the data that is stored there. I also recommend that you not store the customer's full credit card number in your database. That reduces your liability if your server is hacked.


You mention that your admin is protected by .htaccess. If you are not using SSL then your password is being transmitted over the internet in clear. If I put a packet sniffer on your network I can easily grab your password.


Some of your customers will not give you their personal information if you are not running SSL. That is more of a perception issue that a matter of real security, and it will hurt your conversion rate. It will likely cost you more in business lost than the cost of a certificate.


If you have shared hosting then most likely your hosting service will provide you with access to a shared certificate for a small fee. There are also many places to buy your own certificate, some of them at very reasonable prices.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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