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Please Help - database cannot connect


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I tried to change my configuration to handle SSL, but on a 3rd party server. When I changed the config files, I got the following error on my catalog directory only (not admin)


1046 - No Database Selected


select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration



I changed the config files back to their original settings (never closed the file, so did Undo back to beginning) but still got the same error. I then tried to reinstall without overwriting the databases, with no effect. All my changes to the db are still there.


I've spent hours customizing the display files - I hate to do this over again. Any suggestions before I have to start over?


Thanks a ton -


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I have the exact same error...Which files should I copy?


Also, when I get to my catalog page and click on the login as myself link it takes me to a "Page cannot be displayed" page...how can I correct that...

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Thank you SOOO much. My directory paths are all broken, but I can fix that easily enough.


For Boris, I just copied the db segment at the bottom of the configure.php file from the admin version to the catalog verion.



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