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USA Only Addresses


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I've seen a lot of discussions on how to restrict addresses to a single country, and how to generate a pulldown list of states on the various address forms. I haven't found a "complete solution" to the questions that were raised. I am new to osCommerce, and to PHP. But I've been programming PERL for years, and have made extensive mods to another shopping cart. So I poked around in the code to see what I could do.


I have come up with a mod that does the following:


- Sets the default country selection to "United States". I have deleted all the other countries from my database, but this selects the USA automatically instead of having the "Please Select" line displayed.


- Generates a state pulldown list on the create account and address book edit and add forms when they are first displayed.


- Moves the Post Code field after the State field on the forms.


- Changes the Post Code display text to "Zip Code".


I would be happy to post this as a contribution if other would find it useful, but I'm not sure wich category to put it into. It's not really a shipping module, but that seems to be the closest match. Any advice would be appreciated.



~~ Grey

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Upload to the Other contribution section please.

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