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The e-commerce.

I guess nobody knows?


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I am running into a problem and nobody has been able to help...



I wil add the following to my cart:


qyt 3 of item1




qty 1 of item2



The cart will update just fine and maintain this updated info untill I check out.


Once I log in...The cart will show qty 1 of item1, and nothing else?!?



Testing I found that....if I log in before selecting my items, I will be asked to log in again at checkout and then the same thing happens.


I'm assuming this has to do with either cookies, sessions or both?


I would appreciate any help you can offer!





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Need some info on your set up. Are you using shared ssl?


2 areas to look at, one is your configuration file (catalog/includes/configure.php file). This is the most likely area. There may be some changes to make in Admin/Configuration/Sessions as well.

GEOTEX from Houston, TX



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I'm not sure if i'm using shared ssl...?


What type of things would I look for in the two files you mentioned?


Could it be my cookie domain? I have that set as my ssl domain currently.


I really appreciate the effort!



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You should have two cookie domains, one for SSL (https) and one for http. They should correspond with the domains in the SERVER defines. If you need more help, you may want to post your catalog configure.php file (minus the DB and DIR_FS defines).




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I Fixed it!!!


I went back in to config.php and found I had NOT changed the cookie domain to my ssl.....OOOOPPPSSSS!


Thanks for all the help everyone!!!


'Open Source Rules!!!'

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