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The e-commerce.

selling auto parts


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I am looking to open an on line engine parts store. After playing around with a osCommerce front and back shopping cart that a host let me access, I realized that the shopping car as it is will not work for selling engine parts. I was wondering if there are any modules or modifications for the shopping cart pertaining to engine parts.

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The hardest thing about buying engine parts is finding the correct parts for the application. So I would say biggest drawback is the search-engine and the way parts are listed and indexed. The inventory needs to be cross-referenced by Make (brand), Model, Year and Engine Size. Sometimes options such as air-conditioning, Power Steering, Power breaks and smog equipment are also important to know to find the right part. There are also many manufactures that make replacement parts. There needs to be away to cross-reference to other manufactures part numbers so the buyer can choose which brand they like better. Some replacement parts come as ?Stock? or ?High Performance?. There are sometime also when two same engine can use different parts just because some improvement were made during its production. Then on the other hand many engines can shaere the same parts.


All in All, if I were an engine rebuilder, I would like to see all the parts and accessories that are available for the engine I was rebuilding and a description explaining what the part is.


I hope this helps you understand my requirements.



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I am also trying to do the same thing, and in the process of making a box for oscommerce that will solve your problem. If you would like to see the work in progress here is the link:


X-celerated Performance Co.


I have been in business for two years locally, and want to expand using e-commerce. The box is on the left hand side under the manufacturers box. The only thing I have left to figure out is the passing of the variables to a products page that I have not created yet. Right now you will notice that if you change the value of the make dropdown the model dropdown changes.


As soon as it is done the code will certainly be posted here.

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