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product images not correct


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i was wondering if anyone encountered this problem.


i have been uploading all the images into my shop and for some reason not all images are showing up correctly. it seems like it is ignoring what image is supposed to be there, and pulling the image from another catagory in it's place.


so for example, if let's say i have a red shirt, and upload the red shirt image for that catagory, instead of red, the blue shirt will show up, which is found in another catagory.



i have cleared my cache, thinking it was a cache problem, but this did not help.


i would also like to know if there is a way i can keep my catalog images in folders instead of being at the root of the images folder.



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Yes you can sort your images into a subdirectory.





which would be www.yoursite.com/catalog_dir/images/microsoft/w2kp.jpg


put the item image as 'microsoft/w2kp.jpg'

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hello jpf thanks for the reply,


i understand how to make the sub directory under images, but how do i upload the images, or more importantly, how does osc reference the image for the specific product?


i am uploading the images from within osc admin, where it just allows me to "choose a file" (found on my harddrive) for a small, medium and large image (i also have Mo Pics turned on)


also can you shed some light on this problem.....do u have any idea of why the images are not showing up correctly for some products? i am certain i have uploaded the correct images.


thanks so much for the help, it's greatly apreciated.

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hello again,


just to let people know, i found that using the Safari browser in OSX Panther, does not give you the option to write in the file name path (the text box)


was driving me crazy untill i switched over to the PC.


now it's clear.


thanks again for the help.

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