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The e-commerce.

Total Newbie, what do I do, please help


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Hi all. Im a total newbie to here. Ive got some basic web design experience and can pick things up quite fast.


Now i want to create an online store like these below in the UK






So how do I go about it please. I will be selling eventually outdoor stuff. Can you have options of choosing clothing sizes etc when people buy stuff and colour too.


So which script etc do i need and do i need to buy a license to use it. Also i want to be able to accept all debit and credit cards so whats the best way to mipliment this too.


Thanks for your help and i look forward to many late nights setting my site up with your help lol.

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Download OSC and install as per instruction. Add any mods/contributions (see link on top of forum page) you want - like the site you mentioned - more than likely added BTS-Basic Template System or simular mod.


Read up on CSS then go to town...


the Wiki Docs site (see link on top of forum page) is also a good place to go also.


Good Luck.

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cheers for that agent smith lol.


But isnt there 2 version of osc to choose from.


Whats the mods or contributions you mention of or BTS basic templete system.


And whats this wiki site you mention also.


Sorry for a hundred questions. :)


Wheres the link i need to download the version of osc i want to enable me to create a site like the scales r us site please.


Have you got an online store you created with osc then, what d ya sell may i ask. Would you say you know what your doing now with osc, if yes could i email you so i can bug you for help when im stuick lol :)

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will the link posted above allow me to start getting a website like


Since that's an osCommerce-based site then the answer is Yes. You will need to do some changes to the basic out-of-the-box osCommerce to get it to look like that. And you probably don't want it to look exactly like somebody else's store anyway.


Take a look at some of the live shops or google for "oscommerce" to get some ideas of what you can do.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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