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Any way of specifying accepted credit cards?


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I'm surprised the CC payment modules do not have the typical dropdown box listing credit cards accepted by the store. I know it isn't necessary -- the card type is figured by the processor (Authorize.net in my case) based on the card number -- but it still serves several very valuable purposes:


1) Eases any concerns that the customer might have that the proper info is collected. Seeing no card type options might make them worry that something is busted, causing them to bail on the transaction.


2) Eliminate the guesswork on the customer's part. If you only accept Visa/MC, the customer might try a handful of invalid card types before coming across the ones you accept. That will almost definitely be a lost customer.


3) Allow the shop owner to limit what card types can be used. With my Authorize.net setup, I can accept Visa, MC, Discover, or AMEX. AMEX carries a significantly higher transaction fee, and I've yet to meet someone who has AMEX but not one of the other big 3, so I see no reason to offer it. Without a list of accepted cards, this is difficult to do.


I've searched through the forums and contributions and haven't found anything for this. The closest I found was:




But that looks to be just an infobox add-on.


My quick fix solution as to hack in a message into the payment options section of checkout_payment.php:


"We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover."


Something similar could be done with a dummy dropdown box, but it would look a bit odd to not have it in with the actual payment info (name on card, card number, and date).



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Add images to your header or footer, which is the most used place, of the cards you accept. That way the customer sees the right cards you take, right from the getgo.

One of these days, I will actually understand what I just changed...


But reading the Manual DEFINATELY helps...

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if it is little more than a band ad change it in includes/languages/english/checkout_payment.php


Search for this, and change to what you want .


define('TEXT_SELECT_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Please select the preferred payment method to use on this order.');

id, it is easy to add into

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