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Help for attributes


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---- Please forgive my bad english, I'm unable to get an answer on french forum ---


I've installed OSC 2.2MS2.

Before I have installed on another site OS 2 MS1 Creload5


On the old version, I had the opportunity to change the attributes of a product directly on the page of this product...


Like this : heeeeeeeeeeeelp.gif


I'm unable to find this contrib for the ms2...


I really need it !


Please heeelp


Best regards

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I don't think this contrib exists in the same form for MS2.


There is a contribution that I am using that allows me to add radio buttons, checkboxes and text options to my product attributes from the Product attributes page, but I can't configure attributes from the page where I enter the product into the catalog.


The name of the contrib is: Product Attributes - Option Type Feature v1.6




I don't know if this will help you, but I hope I've been of some assistance ;-)



Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup :-)

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I've used the following contrib


Contrib but it doesn't manage the price of the options... and, the worst, it has deleted all the prices of existing options...


I've checked the radio button contribution, but it doesn't fit my needs.


If only I found the version of the contrib for ms1, i'm sure to be able to adapt it...


But no way :(




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I found something that could be an answer....




Unfortunately, when I've installed it, it drive me the the admin/forbiden.php page....


I don't know how tho know why and so how to solve it.

I'm using 2.2MS2


Any idea ?


The site of the author does'nt exists anymore...


I've wrote to his e-mail, but don't know if still workin or not...


Best regards

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