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The e-commerce.

Fantastico installed script for me BUT!!!! HELP :)


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Ok I found the easiest way to get the OS commerce installed. Fantastico installs the script for you.. I have been working on modifying the script to my needs BUT... it installed it in a directory I choose.. Let me explain..


During installation it asked for :


Where do you want to install today?

A top level directory with this name will be created during installation.



So I had to make a directory up : I used the directory products...


So in order to view my newly installed website I would have to go to :




When I just use the domain name of www.rc-wholesale.com I get an index page.. How do I get the main website to come up without having to type the /products part :)


It may be a stupid question.. But I cant figure it out.


thanks a bunch

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One more question.. After I complete all this hard word :) modifing the website to suit my needs... Is there a way to copy the site and use it over and over with a different domain name each time.. Or better yet.. after fantastico installs the oscommerce site on a new hosting account.. can I copy what certain files so that I can make the exact same site?


Please let me know.


The reason I am asking is that I sell ready made websites to my customers with my products. An example of the sites that I had someone make in the past for me :









The person making these sites for me made me a blank website. After I added all the products to the site he duplicates it as I need.

This is what I need.. to be able to duplicate the site and attach it to my customers choosen domain name? The person who is doing these sites for me charges a small fortune.. its just recently I foiund out I can do these myself



thanks a bunch

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You need to take the files from products and move them to your root(usually public_html) and then change your includes/configure.php files(admin and catalog) to reflect the changes.


You can then just make a copy of all your folders, and then ftp them in the root of each host, create new database and change config settings for each site.

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