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The e-commerce.

A really basic basic question


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Hi, I just discovered this. I'm exploring everything posted (and there is so much) but I wonder if you could step back a minute and answer what might be regarded as really a pre-school question.


I don't have a server, just a computer. I want to set up a store. I have a dsl line. The cable company that provides that line gives me 5MB space (which I have not used yet) and it takes html (but the php and squl were not mentioned). I found and downloaded a template that was posted here for setting a store. I also downloaded the latest version oscommerce-2.2ms2 (which I unzipped but would not install in my computer, and it looks like I have to install into a server????). I just printed some Wiki instructions that I will devour. So from that it looks like I have to upload some "stuff" to a server.


So, are there free servers out there I can upload this to or is my cable provider adequate? If not, are there cheap reliable servers? I know there are some hosting services that have all those flashing ads and banners on unless you pay a lot per month to remove them.


I am wondering in practical terms what this free oscommerce software gives a neophite like me over picking a provider of stores on line templates with hosting and all that. I don't know enough right now to even ask the right question, but when does someone choose the oscommerce power over something else? I really like the appearance of the os powered stores I saw. I am a bit overwhelmed right now as to how to create one of those when I don't even know where to upload the software from you.


Thanks so much for ANY basic words of wisdom you can give me so I can take step one. Once I can learn the first steps I can actually learn to walk pretty quickly so please don't laugh at my question or think I'll require too much handholding for your patience.


Have a wonderful day

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Yes - there is a few free servers that may or may not support OSC.


Will PM a free one that works with OSC. Can't post hosting suggestion in public due to the moderators think it is SPAM or it has causes SPAM problems before.


Yes you can install OSC on your local "SERVER" (On any PC that has Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003, Mac OSX, or on nearly any PC that runs Lunix)


Assuming Windows - First deside on a Webserver application Apache (free open source) or MS Windows IIS (included with windows - or downloadable for free from MS for Windows OS only). There are other out there - but this is what is used most here. Install that plus PHP and MySQL Server.


I would suggest geting a tri-package or WAMP (Windows - Apache MySQL, PHP) that installs as one - instead of try to install 3+ things separatly.


I suggest phpTriad: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phptriad/ which also adds phpMyAdmin.



Foxserv http://www.foxserv.net/portal.php


phpHome http://sourceforge.net/projects/phphome/




Search SourceForge.net for other WAMP or for Lunix LAMP installs (Linux - Apache MySQL, PHP)


Good Luck

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I would not try to run a store on a home PC. It's possible, but not recommended.


Note: many sites that offer hosting with a shopping cart offer osCommerce. With osCommerce, you have complete access to the source code and can fully customize your store.




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I would not try to run a store on a home PC. It's possible, but not recommended.

True - I would NOT run a "LIVE" store from your HOME over a DSL line - Way too slow - remember most is ASDL - which means that your Download speed is very diffenet from your UPLOAD speed. Most have CAPS or limits on upload/download or charge a hefty monthly charge/fine per meg/gig over limit - one commecial site on there DSL was charged $100/GB over the monthly limit - more than some host charge for a YEAR of hosting with several GB per month. They downloaded a quite a few diffenet Lunix Distros/ISO to try out - on top of there normal - close to the limit - traffic.


Most HOME DSL services also prohibit attaching a "full time web server". (Too much: SPAM, WARZ, Adult, or like me-Nucular BOMB how to's.... :D Hey - not THAT I DO THAT....) That is why they give you a small web space for "personal use"


HOWEVER - I DO RECOMMEND setting up a LOCAL server to do your testing and all your setup on - the ONLY thing that should change when you upload is both of your configure.php files. This ALSO gives you a BACKUP of what is on your Actual live server. I have 4-8 diffent sites installed locally that I work on for myself and clients. I make changes then UPLOAD the changes to there "live" site (or to "demo" site - before I make it live).


I do RECOMMEND to host a LIVE site only on a properly located server on a good multi-connection backbone with a good infastructure behind it (UPS, Generator backup, A/C - all with redundant systems - like where I have my sites hosted)


There is may low cost and cheap hosting around. There is even free sites (with some having heavy limitations - ie popup adds or limited use) you can use.



There is NO need to use your HOME PC to setup a LIVE STORE on - unless there is something legally...wrong or is questionable about it.... But that is something you have to work out on your own.

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