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Wirex Immunix Product Order


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I've set up a cart with payflow link, whenever the client checks out and goes to the verisign confirmation page, the product is always shown as wirex Immunix Product Order, then if the client actually orders the item, the product description in the email also shows wirex Immunix Product Order, any thoughts?

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Here is a partial copy of the Order Confirmation email the seller receives called "Order Confirmation"







test test

test 123

test, Connecticut 06705

United States



WireX Immunix Product Order







Here is a partial copy of the email the client gets with the subject "Order Process"



Order Number: 1

Detailed Invoice: https://familytraditionwwp.com/catalog/acco...092;?order_id=1

Date Ordered: Wednesday 29 October, 2003




1 x Matrox G200 MMS (MG200MMS) = $0.01

Memory 4 mb

Model Value


Sub-Total: $0.01

Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.00

Total: $5.01


This email has the product info in it but does the seller no good because it goes to the client.





So how do I fix this? is this possibily somethign with the contribution?

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Yes you are on right track


Edit the file in catalog/includes/modules/payment for verisign payment.


Do a find on that file for WireX and replace with your generic description. I think the person who originally made script had hardcoded is own store into the script.


I think what is happening is you are getting two receipts sent to your customer. One is from Verisign and second is from oscommerce. Personally, I would just send one from oscommerce and send the other from verisign to yourself.

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Thanks, that's where it is, but if I hard code it I'll have the same problem, how do I put in the variable for product name so that each product purchase displays the name.



I'd have to modify the following line:


tep_draw_hidden_field('DESCRIPTION', 'WireX Immunix Product Order') .



Thanks for the help

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You can put whatever variable(s) you want. Question is what variable do you want to see on the receipt. I am assuming you want same info as is sent with oscommerce. Would require a little bit of coding

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