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The e-commerce.

About to go live


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Your site looks good although I just got up to checkout. Is the colorset a package or did you edit the colors? Do you know the hex code for the colors? I can appreciate the amount of work involved!


Good job.




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Oh, I forgot to mention that I know that there are one or two navigation buttons that need sorting out.


I am also going to sort out the credit card logos on the front page - they suck being so big and in the middle of the page.

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It's a bog standard install of Oscommerce, with a couple of stylesheet changes and a new logo (that needs work)!! And a button set.


What have you done to try to make the store yourown and to give added value to your customers ?


You are also suffering from "TMI syndrome". Too Many Infoboxes.



- get rid of as many infoboxes as you can.

- do something to the overall layout to make the store your own.

- get rid of all the naff Oscommerce graphics

- Why not put your site inside an image of a frame ? Do something!

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Thanks for the comments Burt.


Agreed, it is a pretty standard version of OsC, but:

1. I dont have enough knowledge to make drastic changes, other than those offered in the contributions or forum section.

2. Making it different to other OsC will not necessarily give added value to customers.....the main idea is that it must give value to customers, whether is is different or not. Although, I have to ask the question of wheather most customers out there would even know that a site is a standard OsC site or not (unless it is compeletely 100% standard). Even then I would venture that most customers dont care - as long as its looks professional and that they have confidence in using the site. Ofcourse, I would love to make it different AND add value...its all a question of me learning more on how to do this.


I had thought of putting the site inside a frame....but once again I am limited by my knowledge. Perhaps at a later date......


Agreed on getting rid of some of the info boxes - I had this already written down on my "to do" list.


Getting rid of the OsC graphics - agreed. Whats the best way to do this? Can I just comments these lines out in the appropriate php files?


I didnt think my logo was THAT bad...but point taken, I will look at jazzing that up a bit.

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You need to start all over from scratch ( leave your database in place ) and use the Basic Template Structure mod. :) It allows you to do amazing things with osCommerce. You should do this in a `test` directory.


If you don't have graphic skills, then you should probably hire a designer if you are really serious about this site. I promise that a standard osCommerce design will not sell even close to as many products as a well designed site from a professional designer. It is worth the $150 to $550 you will have to spend because you will make that money back in profits. :D


Good luck.

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I am not going to comment on the design this time, I wanted to point out that the redirecting thing you do is not recommended. You will get penalized in Google for this I think.


I understand why you are doing it, if you are on an Apache server you can do this much easier by mapping www.yourdomain.com/catalog to www.yourdomain directly. Look for information on .htaccess if you want to find out more.




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