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Courier module


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Hi, everybody!


OSC is great, and you are a great bunch! This time, I'm just curious. Has anyone ever implemented a Bike Messenger shipping module of some kind? It strikes me as useful for many big city buisnesses, and we may even implement one.


Useful features would be:

  • Weight limit
  • Distence limit (based on postal code)
  • Multiple delivery zones (Groups of postal codes for different locations)
  • Hefty addon for freight costs... ;)
  • Maybe a SMS or email notification system to mark it urgent.

What du you think?

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That is what ZONE.php does (and a version called provinces.php) - rename and mod it to something like COURIER.PHP - Then put zones as like city names.... Freight based on weight or number of items....


Postal code (unless you use a ZIP code -which you could MATHAMATICIAL estimate the distance) - would be a bit harder as you would have to compare the first 1, 2, 3, 4 or so digits to a valid list and if required based on that list charge more or less for further or shorter trips.

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