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Question about HeaderTagsController mod


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Hi All,


I just installed the HeaderTagsController mod 2 days ago and almost instantly, Inktomi and Googlebot have been all over my site going through each page. Sometimes I have noticed 7 at a time. The strange thing is, that I have not even gone live or submitted my site to any search engines yet.


Is this normal? I'm not complaining because I am planning on going live very soon.


Thanks in advance.

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Did you post a link to your site ANYWHERE on ANY other site? Maybe even this or other forums? Is your site name was "recycled" (was some one elses 6 months or 2 years ago)? Did you post an EMAIL address anywhere with this domain name ANYWHERE? Do you have a dynamic IP address or Static IP address?


Search engines will not spider sites that they don't know anything about. However if they find on another site (that may not be yours) a link (NEW, OLD, or very OLD) pointing to your site (DNS or plain IP) - then it will put you on the list to be spidered....


Being spidered when your site is not complete is not really that ..... usefull ....(incomplete/missing information - lack of optimised METATAGS - incorrect default data, etc...) As you might not get "re-spidered" for up to 3 months by some 'bots.

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