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The e-commerce.

Non programer looking to sell website leads


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2 Questions:

#1 Is it possible for me as a non programer to set this oscommerce thing my self. Mainly I have used frontpage and fooled around with the cpanel a little


#2 Will oscommerce assist me in marketing leads I get in from my website?


e.i. Home sellers from accross the country are filling in a form. The form gives details like address, phone number, beds, baths, city, condition of house. I would want the form to enter those leads directly into my product catalog for oscommerce.


Then real estate agents and investors like my self can log onto the shopping cart and view details like beds, baths, city and condition but not the address or phone... When they purchase the lead they recieve the information with all of the details complete with contact info. Then of course the lead is removed from the catalog...


Am I barking up the right tree here? Am I dreaming to think I could do this with out any programming?


Thank you,


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The form your home sellers would be filling out would have some programming involved, maybe just a simple form to email script. This would just send an email to you with the information. I don't think you would want to automaticly have it added to your product catalog anyways untill you have verified the information, you would be suprized by the number of people filling in bogus information.


But, setting up osc to sell the home leads would be fairly simple. Ofcourse all the information would have to be filled in manually by you if you used the form 2 email option.


Hope this helps.



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