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As I only using a table rate for shipping, there is no need for the checkout_shipping file to be called. Customers should go directly from their checkout (or account creation as the case may be) to one of the following :


1. checkout_payment file, or

2. order confirmation.


How do I do both of these? The reason that I am asking for both solutions is that I only have one payment method at the moment and I therefore dont need customers to go through the payment page. However, I may increase payment options in the near future, and I will therefore want to reinstate this step at a later date.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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I have added


on line 44 in checkout_shipping.php

this takes you to payment page when you click on checkout. This is a virtual product and so no shipping charge. You may need to add your shipping costs on the checkout_success.php page somehow.


Hope it helps!


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I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I'm new to this forum and fairly new to osCommerce. :-)


I am in the process of creating an online store and most of the items I am selling will be shipped using the UPS module, i.e. indicating a weight in the product description so that UPS can come up with a shipping cost in relation to the customer's address and the store's address (i.e. the "ship-from" address).


However, some of the items I will be including in my store will be drop-shipped from other stores, for example a manufacturer in California (my store is located in Vermont). So I have been looking into defifing a separate shipping cost for those products.


I've noticed that some of osCommerce's pages seems to include coding for "virtual products", which seems to allow a customer to bipass the shipping module. This sounds great for my application, but I can't seem to find anything in the Admin section that allows one to specify whether or not a product is "virtual" or not...


Can anyone help me on this???




Julie Williams

Basking Wonders, LLC

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