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Product Configuration


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Wondering if U can help me. I want to use product configuration in a different way - I want the user to be able to choose the spec. of a system, or the finishing on a car for example. For example, we have an option for a computer system. 2 options avaiable. One for CPU and one for motherboard. Client chooses AMD CPU, I only want to show motherboards that are CPU compatibale for the second option. If someone choose Intel, I only want the Intel supported motherboards to show up for the 2nd option. Also want it tow rok the otherway, so if they choose AMD motherboard, only AMD CPUs will show up and same again with Intel motherboards only displaying Intel CPUs.


I will have more than 2 options, but this is just a simple example. Can this be done, if so how? Has someone already answered my question and developed a module/add-on?


Would appreciate any feedback,


Cheers in advance,



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I think your looking for CUSTOM PC CREATOR there is a contrib fro this... try a search

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I have a table which looks similar to below:


1 | 2 | 3 | 4


A | B | M | D

A | B | C | E

A | B | C | F


L | G | H | I

L | G | H | I

L | G | J | K

L | G | H | I


N | O | Q | T

N | O | Q | U

N | O | R | T

N | P | R | U

N | P | S | T


Crap looking - I know. But I want a page where 1, 2, 3, 4 are individual dropdown boxes which populate themselves by looking at the DB above. So the first dropdown will look at the database and have the options A, L and N. 2nd dropdown will do same and have vaues: B, G, O and P... etc


What I have is hundreds of different combinations of products. So is it possible to do the following: If dropdown one has "A" chosen, to limit the other boxes accordingly so only the values attached to "A" will be displayed and so on... e.g.


A chosen, B chosen, C chosen.... the remaining box will only show options E or F? Then when user chooses E or F, they click on submit and all the products fitting that description will be outputted to the screen. It's sort of an advanced search.


Many thanks,



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