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search engine friendly url's


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I notice that in admin I can select something that is called "search engine friendly urls'.


By selecting this feature I get something like this:




but is this really friendlier that product_info.php?products_id&29 (or whatever it was before)?


I have been told that google will list the site with or without dynamic page names. I have also been told that putting pages deep within many directories/folders on the server is a disadvantage. The above link would seem to suggest that the product is within 3 folders from the top level.


So should I select "search engine friendly url's" or not ?? What do others recommend?


Thanks in advance,


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SEF URLs don't really mean much anymore - all of the big engines can quite happily cope with query strings of a reasonable length, and no-one really knows whether Google [et al] place ranking preference on those sites that appear to be static (It would seem chirlish to do so, given the advantages of a dynamic web).


The location of your files is largely myth too, based upon the assuption that guessed PageRank is somehow important (Google will usually subtract '1' from your PR for a directory that doesn't have an indexed PR, thus implying that burying your pages will result in low PR) - usability wise though, its beneficial to you and users if your URLs are short, succinct and logical; they're easier to remember or bookmark, for a start. Generally speaking, whats good for users is good for Google - no query strings, because they're hard to remember, and near-root URLs - because they're easier to remember; see where I'm going with this?



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As of last week when I checked, I have ~1,500 links in Google that look something like this: www.mysite.com/product_info.php?products_id=330 and like this: www.mysite.com/index.php?cPath=22_179


The former comes from allprods.php being indexed. The latter comes from my product pages being indexed.


If I were to do anything to "clean up" the product URLs I would do something in mod_rewrite to change the first URL above to something like www.mysite.com/product330.html. I wouldn't bother with the SEF url function in OSC.


However, I'm happy with my SE results, so I haven't really seen a need to change what is working for me.



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