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The e-commerce.

case of the random </


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Hi guys.

I was wondering if anyone can help me on this. I have setup up osC2.2 MS2

and installed several contribs. But on catalog pages, the alignment of text and/or boxes get jumbled.

Some errors caused by this are that certain boxes have no borders and the box content is jumbled, and also some boxes are bunched up together.

This only happens in colum_right as well!...The left is fine!.


I have gone over and over all the files, and everytime i look at the source (thru view->source) i see that the offender is a </ . Now this tag should be </table> as it reflects in the files!.... but it doesnt get read that way!, and sometimes, simply refreshing the page fixes it but only on the non-ssl side.

On the SSL pages, refreshing does not fix this problem.

I don't know whats happening


Sometimes the footer gets messed up, not reflecting the stylesheet, and when i view the code it looks like:

<tdcopyright © ... as you can see, the <td tag did not close hence messing up the copyright notice, and sometimes, refreshing the page fixes it.


hmm, i know it all sounds :o and some of you might even go :angry: but i'm quite :( and i want to be :)

I know it doesnt help that i can't give you guys a link since its all internal dev at the mo, but just hoping if someone has encountered a similar problem....heres to hope

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I have the same problem too. Whenever the page is rendered, it doesn't displayed right. It would have some missing code like </ which should be </table> . Is this a php bug? what version of php are you using?

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Hey! thanks for the reply!... so there i am spending a good 2 days trying to sort this bug out thinking its something i'm doing wrong....


I'm using php 4.2.3, and have noticed that if cookies are forced it doesn't occur. But since i have to use sessions(cross platform between ssl-nonssl), the error occurs on only the ssl-pages.


Well, i don't really know how to fix it yet. The config of php on both servers is exactly the same, and i don't use .htaccess for the catalog (only admin) so the "# php_value session.use_trans_sid 0" fix wont work. And upgrading to 4.3 is not as easy as it sounds :o


i think its time for some :ph34r:

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ok!...this works!


There is an alternative solution if your server doesn't support .htaccess.

Simply add the following line at the beginning of /includes/application_top.php:


ini_set ( 'session.use_trans_sid', 0);


thanks maeennzzz

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