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Missing pieces?


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The program still apparently can't find create_account.php or the login file, either, but then I noticed that all of my headings on the middle of the first page are reading as HEADING_TITLE or HEADING_TEXT_MAIN, which makes me wonder: did I lose a page somewhere in the FTPing?


I contacted my host; they're trying to help me link the pages to the SSL site, since asking OSCommerce not to use SSL didn't seem to make any difference witht he missing pages.


I'm to the point of pulling an Eddie Izzard, gesturing to the screen at the list of NOT MISSING files and waving arms frantically in emphatic irritation...


Any help much appreciated,

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Not that iPowerWeb was any help, mind you; nasty little twit wrote back and said he could access the page just fine...


Of course, that wasn't what I asked him. I asked him what was wrong with the https entry I made in the config file...


Well, it was simple, and stupid, as these things usually are, aren't they? I saw it in the address bar of Netscape...a tiny little space where there shouldn't have been one.


Then I replaced my index file, and whohoo, back in business.


But that doesn't mean I won't be back later with more silly questions.


Thanks to the fellow who helped me out earlier by hinting that it was the https problem, because that gave me just enough hint to figure it out.


Blessings on the entire crew here!

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