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Getting HEADING_TITLE to work in product_info.php


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How can I get the HEADING_TITLE to work in product_info.php? I have installed the STS Contribution but I really don't think this is directly related to it. Maybe it is, I don't know.


Basically, I've been using HEADING_TITLE as an image in the "header" for each section. On the main catalog page, it just says "Welcome", under the categories it says "Products" (actually it says CATEGORIES right now but I need to fix that). It works for all of the pages from shipping (under Policies in my layout), Show Cart, Checkout, etc. etc. etc. but it doesn't work under product_info.php when you go to an actual product...then it just shows HEADING_TITLE instead of the actual value.


Any help would be appreciated. Here's the links if you want to see:




http://www.thecet.com/catalog/shipping.php (no image defined yet, but it works right)

http://www.thecet.com/catalog/login.php (same as above)


Not working:




Thanks in advance for any help!!



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I don't know if STS matters or not. If not, the way that I would do this would be to add a

define('HEADING_TITLE', '');

to the includes/languages/english/product_info.php (or whatever language).




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