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I Just wanted to share a scam that my wife received in her email box this morning.


The subject line is: PayPal official notice.


It's actually a gif file that tells you that your paypal account has been put on restricted status and you must verify your account info.


It has a paypal URL which redirects to an IP address:


:o :o ( This is not the paypal site but the actual scam website << SLICK >> )


If you take a look at the site it looks like the paypal site. It asks for your

credit card info, as well as your bank account number, SSN, mother's maiden

name, PIN code, etc. Unbelievable! These scam artists are getting better - no

bad English and misspellings, links all go back to the real Paypal site, etc.


My wife knew better than to give the info, and most of us on this list do too, but maybe your friends and family don't.


Make sure they don't fall for it either.




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The same guy was caught up in a ebay scam not too long ago.. same ip and port...

he is in Korea so he figures what the hell......

here is the story about ebay



<span style='font-family:Courier'>If you can't fix it Perl it!!!...</span>


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Doesn't seem to be working anymore. I guess thats why all the Paypal emails tell you to make sure to look for the https://www.paypal.com/ links in their emails. This happens quite frequently I understand.

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