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The e-commerce.

is it better to have a lots of db or tables


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Consider this. My current webshop has some 60 tables. Imagine having 200 x 60 = 12000 tables in one database. I doubt it makes scrolling to the list to find the table you need to edit an enormous task... I can also imagine the loading time of one database...


200 stores hey? That must be a new record :)

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Well the DB question is one I have looked into myself. I would think it depends on many issues and the standard reply one shop per DB is not quite right. Other issues that should be considered would be the server load, the type of server (dedicated or not) the hardware used (look to how often this forum crashes).


having many tables is not as significant if they are smaller table sizes. The DB does not load up for each connection as is suggested above, rather allows a client to connect and retrieve info from the DB. The DB structure has a big part in this as well, for example are all of the tables indexed, are the tables normalized to 3NF etc.


So having 200 plus shops on the same server has many different issues which should be thought of as well and not just the standard reply one shop per DB. Think of all of the large systems out there, yahoo google eBay etc. they have huge DB and related tables, and i doubt they limit themselves to 60 or so tables before setting up a new DB.



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