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Hello All,


At times I have to assist someone complete orders by phone or they ask me to do it for them. For our phone orders I have been just processing them online and setting up accounts for people, but the password always causes problems. Is there an easy way for me to go to the web site and log on as the customer, but not reset the password the customer set up? Or is there a way to complete, or enter orders for customers from the admin section?


The passwords are encrypted so I usually have to request the password from them and ask them to change it or I just reset it myself and send them an email on how to change it.


Thanks :blink:

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Thanks All,


Didn't think about adding a master password. I added a box the admin section so it can be changed often and I can remember it.


I like it "out of the box thinking"


Thanks Again

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Hey I have a very simular problem however when people call me 90% of the time they do not want to provide me with an e-mail address.. How could I incorperate this into this manual entry as E-mail is not provided




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The simplest thing would be to create an email address based on their info. I would make it something based on your domain name and something they will tell you, like their phone number. For example, if their telephone number is 1234567890, create the account as [email protected]. You use your domain name so that you know where the email will go.


You can tell them how to log in to their account or not, as you choose.




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