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Order not recorded for paypal payments


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I've been having a problem and I hope somene could help. I have been receiving paypal payments for orders on my site, but there are totally no records of what has been ordered. There are no email confirmations, the admin section doesn't have records of the order, stock inventory has not been updated... the only thing I get is an email from paypal telling me I have received an instant payment with the amount that was paid. This has happened a few times already.. Anyone can tell me how to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance. ^^

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It happens to me all the time. sometimes it comes thru somtimes it does not. if the buyer is not verified paypal will not push back the info. you will have to hand edit the order. on install the IPN

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Do you have installed some contributions which are added at this check out part like the contribb: Must agree to Terms ???


Because in my case I installed this contribution wereby you must check a checkbox for agree thid terms, but when you check the checkbox for agree and go futher with de next step to make your payment you will be redirect to PayPal site. And after the payment you will be redirect back to your last checkout part. And on this moment the checkbox is unchecked (even if you have it checked it). The fact is that it is not rembered or stored that it was checked and a warning is saying that you must check te checkbox to agree terms. If you check it again, a redirection again to PAypal...just looping.


So I changed this must agree term without a checkbox and changed the text that if you push the button <finalize payment> that you have accepted and read the terms.

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With other words, the payment is made succesfull but the checkout was not finished and therefore the order was not stored in the database.


Some people having this problem, and I know there is a contribution which adding this order to a sepparete database entry till the order is properly finished. It is not a good solution but it works for the tome being..!!

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if you have installed the ipn and paypal is the only payment type that gives you this problem then make sure that you have the proper settings it work

please set the following in your admin



1-you have to set the path to /catalog/paypal_notify.php when you are using the test mode and change it to your.com/catalog/paypal_notify.phpn when using live paypal


2-Set Order Status to something other than paypal processing or default

i used delivered


this should work if not post back

again these would work if you are experiencing problems with paypal only and you have instaled the ipn from pablo.

please make sure that COD works perfect first

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I am having the same issue. Some orders work and some don't. When it doesn't we just recieve the email from PAYPAL saying we have a payment. Then when we check all we have is an abandoned cart.

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I too am having problems with orders not being recorded at all in the database.


I believe I have the default paypal module in use.


By reading this topic, I am not sure what action I need to take. Can someone please clarify?

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<d?j? vu>

When someone is checking out from your site, they are eventually re-directed to Paypal for a portion of the payment process. Paypal requires your customer to enter information and click ?continue? or ?pay? multiple times. In the sequence, Paypal shows a screen that says, ?Payment Success? (or something like that), and it is on this screen that Paypal generates the payment notification email that we (the merchants) receive. However, at this point, osCommerce still doesn?t know that the payment is successful. A certain percentage of your customers think that when they see ?Payment Success?, they are done and they move on by typing in a new URL or whatever. If your customers were to click the ?continue? button on this screen, Paypal would redirect them back to your site. It is this redirection that osCommerce is waiting for before moving the cart contents to an Order Pending state.



The Paypal IPN contribution provides assistance here. When your customer is redirected to Paypal, rather than wait for something to come back, the contribution actively monitors the payment status in Paypal. Remember, on the ?Payment Success? screen, Paypal considers it done and this contribution will know it. Paypal IPN can then move the shopping cart to an order state regardless of the customers next step. As an added bonus, using the Paypal IPN system handles a security issue. Bottom Line: Install the Paypal IPN contribution.


Other Notes:

When osCommerce pushes the user over to Paypal, it sends some variables over that dictate the presentation the user receives on Paypal. For example, you can have your logo displayed on the Paypal page. Or, since you already collect shipping information, you can tell Paypal to not display the boxes that collect shipping information (so as to not confuse your customer by asking for it once in your system then once in Paypal?s). As an experiment, I turned off as much as I could (shipping info, notes, etc.) and I saw the number of incomplete checkouts drop significantly. You can also play games with your logo such that it includes something like, ?Be sure to click continue?. You can find out more information regarding the variables being passed over to Paypal by searching this site, or visiting Paypal and doing some research.

</d?j? vu>


All of the above has been said many times on this site before, so I don?t take any credit for ?figuring it out.? I?ve just repackaged it so that it might resonate with somebody.


Take care.

-Bill of LTCMLLC


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