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The e-commerce.

What about Flash!!


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I wonder if adding flash features to a shopping cart could be a good idea for an ecommerce business. They look pretty so is definitely attractive, but what about those customers that don't have a browser capable of displaying flash files?


Big online retail stores don?t use flash files or anything that may make the site not accessible for customers. The project I am working on is a hi-tech kind of business, and I have the option of adding some nice flash menus or intros, but I?m afraid of keeping customers that may have problems seeing the web site away.


What do you thing?





No more outside links here!

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Indeed... although a flash header would not hurt aslong as there are

A: no links or unique information.

B: a text link is provided some where on each page for people without flash.

C: The .swf is no more than 50K MAX! Think of the dialup users! And people with a dodgy ADSL connection which is being worked on as we speak


**walks off mumbling something about ADSL in NZ costing $70NDZ a month for 128K 25Gb traffic, CEO's of Telecom being leeches

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Andrew, you don't have it that bad... trust me.

I can't get ADSL at all, but I have a 512 kbps cable modem. Great! Yeah, but my traffic is limited to 2500 MB a month. It gets better... it's a very strict counting system and the reason why my provider is the only one using it, is probably because it doesn't work. It counts everything 3x or something. The results is that I have great fast internet access but I can't download anything.


25 GB traffic on a reasonably slow ADSL modem for 70 dollars is expensive (if your dollars are similar in value to OZ dollars), but still it's a reasonable offer... For that amount of traffic I would have to pay 231 euros on top of the 30 euros I pay a month. And mind you, I don't live in a remote area (I'd say you can't get any more dense than in The Netherlands).


So stop complaining :)

At least you live in paradise... you have no idea how lucky you are!


(sorry getting sentimental here... want to become your neightbour, an Australian)



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From my experience a flash addition to a shopping cart isa baaad idea. A flash header is fine. The main reason being that your shopping cart is the business end of your site. You have already attracted that person to your site and "set the hook". Headers in flash look cool and I agree there should be a non flash part of your header that allows people without flash to view your logo. IMHO E-commerce seems to be more functionally based than artistically driven. What I mean by that is users will buy from a site that is easy to browse rather that a site that they can't figure out. Reguardless of how "turned on" your local community is, there are still folks running IE 5 or other browsers that don't have flash support built in. If you do go with a flash header try to keep it Flash 5 and the file as small as possible. Try to remember that people out there still have 28.8k modems and their money is just as good in your pocket ;).

The problem with winning the rat race is at the end you're still a rat.

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