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The e-commerce.

SMTP E-Mail not working


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I have osCommerece installed with the following:


Windows 2000, PHP, MySql


Everything installed just fine, I get no errors, but where ever I try to get osCommerce to send E-mails nothing gets sent. When I do send out E-mails the osCommerce says the E-Mail is sent with the bar at the top of the page, but the end user never recieves anything.


I have Microsoft SMTP running and I insured that it is working. I have tested from my ISP to the SMTP Server and all is fine.


I have changed the settings inside osCommerce to use SMTP, changed E-Mail addresses with my domain name, made chnges to the PHP.ini file in the email section and have put in the SMTP= mywebserversname and all.


I'm lost as to what else to look for, any help would be great.


I can send emails all day from another email address to my domain, just can't get osCommerce to send out.


HELP... HELP.... HELP....

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In admin > Tools > Server Info, check the SMTP, SMTP Port, and sendmail_from settings. In admin > Configuration > E-Mail Settings, check that the line feed is set to CRLF. Note: if your SMTP server requires authentication, you will have to use a contribution to authenticate.




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I've done all of that. When you are in osCommerce and you send an E-mail, it says it was sent on the top of the WEB Page, but when I look in the SMTP Server files, it shows nothing, no errors, no events. Even the event log shows nothing, nor does my SMTP Server show any errors.


I'm trying to figure out where I could look to see if even OSC is actually sending out something, or is it PHP or is it my Microsoft SMTP Server.


I can send E-Mail to the address just fine with no errors and it arrives, so I'm thinking my SMTP server is working.


I just can't figure out a good way to track which of the 3 is failing and where, OSC, PHP, or SMTP.


Is there some .php file with OSC that I can look at to see if in fact the ADIM PAGE is truly updating these settings?


Does OSC create some kind of file in the SMTP Drop Folder for SMTP to pickup or what. If I knew what OSC or PHP was creating then maybe I could go and look for a file and see if it exists.....


Any other ideas would be great...


Last should I maybe shutdown the Microsoft SMTP Server and install a 3rd party SMTP Server???

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