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S, M, L Images with easypopulate


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The search function for this forum is not very good. Sorry, couldn't find an answer.


I have the small medium large images contrib installed plus the 3 image mod as well.


I added this after the easypopulate mod was installed(in early october).


There is code in easypopulate.php to support "image mods"


i.e. (partially cropped)


$default_these = array(














With the S,M,L image mod the field names are: products_image, products_mediumimage , and products_largeimage.


How would I proceed? Do I just uncomment in the code where applicable or do those field names need to be edited?



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Well I figured it out. The SQL syntax was hosed after I uncommented the "image mods" code.. There were some quotes out of place I think.


It should look something like this on line 1643:

I uncommented only what I needed. Note the other commented lines have the code that was broken.


$query .= "'$v_products_mimage', "

. "'$v_products_bimage', ";

/* . $v_products_subimage1 . '", "'

. $v_products_bsubimage1 . '", "'

. $v_products_subimage2 . '", "'

. $v_products_bsubimage2 . '", "'

. $v_products_subimage3 . '", "'

. $v_products_bsubimage3 . '", "'

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I've been trying to get EasyPopulate working with the 3 Images mod for some time now. You said that you had both 3 Images and Small, Medium and Large Images installed. Did you also get it working with 3 Images?


Do you need to change the field names?


I had the same problem...a SQL error after uncommenting the lines.


Could you post the complete code that needs to be changed?

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I put my edited copy of easypopulate.php in a zip file on my personal server.


You can get it here: http://munsey.net/temp/easypopulate.zip


Forgive me if this is against any rules, just trying to help.


I suggest just going through my copy and searching for the comments I put in - "uncomment mimage and bimage like below for S M L and 3 images mod"


or u certainly can try to use my file, just be sure that in your products table you have the fields products_mediumimage and products_largeimage - my easypopulate is hard coded for those fields - look at lines 1683 & 1684.


My modifications are for the S M L and 3 images contribs. AFAIK it should work for either one..


Let me know if you have any issues. I am a novice with PHP but will try to help..

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Thank you!


You are a lifesaver. I've got hundreds of products that I need to edit, but have been unable to use EasyPopulate. I have been trying to get this to work on my own for a long time with no luck. I'll try out your instructions later tonight and let you know if it works.


From one PHP novice to another, thanks! I owe you one.


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I tried your Easypopulate.php file, and double-checked that I have the products_mediumimage and products_largeimage in my products table, but the only image field showing up on easypopulate files is v_products_image.


I can't seem to get the other two fields, v_products_mimage and v_products_bimage to show up.


Any ideas?

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I have also spent alot of time trying to do this. I have used beyond compare on the file mentioned above and my own and they are almost the same (only things different are MS2 bits) I am unable to make it work though either ??

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Hey that server has some DNS issues so you can get a new one at another server.


Someone asked for this file here was my reply:


Sorry my DNS got modified for that server - u can get i here:




This is a newer version. The part of easypopulate that let you download your product list did not contain the image mod fields, so I added those, but they are not commented as of yet(do a file compare).


I also tweaked some TIMESTAMP issues but I can't get the thing to take a manually entered time/date..


Otherwise it seems to work ok, though it does seem to add a single product with empty data unless your excel text file for input is just right.


I have not thoroughly tested it so it might have some bugs. Consider it beta..


Good Luck


John M

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ok the easypopulate file I had previously shared was not completely modified correctly. Editing a product using the standard OSC admin product edit would delete the medium and large image paths in the database.


I have a fixed version. E-mail me if you want it or the fix. I don't want to post anything until I test it some more..


-John M

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