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The e-commerce.

some questions


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This may be some stupid questions....but i really dun understand how to solve these problems...

1. Is it possible to turn off the selection of country or limit it to one unique country?

2. If I would like to add some extra required data that people must fill in to the member area to purchase or remove some options that i do not need. How do I do this?

3. Is it possible to turn off the value of availabe number of products (disable it to show the product is always available)?


thx again

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3. Go to Admin > Configuration > Stock. There you go.


2. This is possible, but it must be one of the more complicated things you can do. It involves changes is almost every page and several in the database as well. It's a great way of learning how osCommerce works but it's not recommended if you don't have time on your hands, especially if you are new to osC. Here's a tip: look for every reference in every file for another field (e.g. phone number), copy and rename. Make chances in the database where that field is stored also. Use a good editor like WinSyntax to find every reference to a field in all files at once.


1. Yes, remove the listbox for country from your files. Then look for the error handling code that checks for errors (like not selecting a country from the list), and where it does that SET the country variable to the value you want (look at the database and look up the value).

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fallenevan, as I said the changes you want to make are quite complicated, it would take the better half of the day to tell you how to do it, and even then I would probably not succeed because I am not sitting in front of your website.


Use the tips I gave you (WinSyntax) and get to work. Really, it may seem overwhelming but in reality if you are a good copycat and pay close attention to detail you ought to get it working. And it will give you a nice healhty 'look what I can do' boost if you do it yourself!


About the 10 products, get 2 free... I have something similar. Depending on how much money you've spent, you may purchase up to 5 products on which I have close to 0 profitmargin and are therefore very cheap and a great bargain. Again, this is not something I would recommend if you are not familiar with osCommerce. It took me the better part of 5 days day and night, I made it all myself. Because it is build upon my highly customised osCommerce version it would be of no use to you or anyone else, and right now I don't have time to write a general contribution.


This is not supposted to discourage you. What I'm trying to say is... for now, write down all you want to get out of osCommerce. Start small, learn your way through. It could take you a while to check off all your wishes but in the end you will. I am about to check off mine probably tomorrow. It has been a long 2 months, but I love the end result so far. And the same will go for you.

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