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Site almost ready to go live - How's it look?


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I've done everything that I can think of to do but I suspect as soon as I go live I'll discover something major I forgot that brings the whole thing crashing down. I was hoping maybe some of you nice people who may be more experienced than I might take a look and see if you notice something that I may have overlooked.


Any comments or suggestions on the overall look of the site would be appreciated as well.


North West Gift Exchange

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not bad, not bad...:)

Do something with your category links so they show as live links- underline them or make buttons or something. I looked at your Elvis skelly, and the picture is little and there is no pop-up. A lot of your shoppers will be older than you- probably- with bad eyes. Have pity on them, give them items large enough to see! Honestly, a popup of about 400 pixels or more is a good sales tool.

psst... wanna buy a wand?

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Green and red, not a good combination.


Think of those with red/green color blindness. You may lose potential sales because of this.


I'm sure there are some sites out there that can advise you on accessability.



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I think it looks good, and the green and red is ok....I would definity make your font size larger, though. The main categories look great and stand out, but the sub catergories are really small in font size and hard to read.


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Thanks for the comments. I'll add underlines to links and increase the sub-category name font size a tad.


Not much I can do about image sizes though. They come from my distributor and vary in size by product. There is no popup because the popup is embedded in the product description page. Seemed silly to me to click on a product in the product listing for details and then have to click again for a larger image. I just cut out a step. As it is, graphics for 2500+ products are eating up over 20mb by themselves. 400x400 would be space prohibitive even if I could get them for all products.


The red and green were designed along the xmas theme. However, there is no red ON green with the exception of the word 'Categories' at the top of each sub-catagory list. The rest are white on red and black on green. I will try to adjust brightnest and contrast on my monitor though and see how bad those color combos look under varying settings.


I'm cleaning up html atm... Someone went nuts with tables within tables within tables within tables. Often just to add a little cellpadding. Load times are increasing nicely after cleaning things up.

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Personally... I dont like it... I would never buy from a store even remotely close to this...


Reason being is that it seems pretty amateur and half arsed half done... Even though if you put in week or month of work into it... This is what most potential customers will think... I do


You should get Photoshop... It isnt the easiest program to use but all the professional graphic designers use it... I use it too

The more you use it the easier it gets as you know how to do things in it...

Also a A Grade program for resizing images...



The top left logo the edges are jaged and very ugly like that... Try remaking that so that the edges are smooth


I dont really like how you have your categories layed out... Just not my cupa tee


All in all good effort Ill hand that to you... But there is still lots and lots of work to do design wise...


But dam you think you have enough products?

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Thanks for the flame xplod... Everyone needs one in order to appreciate everyone else's constructive criticisms.


I was doing some work on the site and had the built-in feature to calculate image size turned on to see how it looked. You are correct. It made all of the images look choppy.


I didn't like the logo I was using and threw the one you saw together real quick while I am working on a better solution. Although I am extremely skilled in photoshop, it still takes a great deal of time to come up with professional looking artwork. I hope my final image meets with your approval once I get it finished.



As to the other posters...


I have made a number of readability changes based on your suggestions. Thank you very much for the input. It helped a lot!

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I did get the impression of Christmas from your use of colour and wasn't trying to say green and red is a horrible combination, just sometimes difficult for the visually impaired.


Here are a couple of links


Links to lots of site accessibility documents


and one example of advice of visual impairment




If you can afford to turn away customers then fair enough...


(it is akin to not allowing disabled access to a real shop)

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Obviously a lot of work gone into it, but I have to agree with Xplod and say that it is "not nice".


It's graphically awful. The colour scheme would put a lot of customers off (both in terms of "accessibility" and "professionalism").


One good thing is that you ahve got rid of lots of clutter (the infoboxes).



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I love the way the site is setup.


I hate the way it looks. You say you are experienced in Photoshop yet I can see nothing that gives evidence of the fact. Use your skills! Basically, if the top region of your site ( from the buttons and up ) was better looking then your site would be great! Don't change the layout, just improve on it.


Great effort on everything else. You have a lot of products... ^_^

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Guess you missed the part where it said that I scraped the old look and that all the graphics are just place holders while I'm testing the layout. Thanks anyway :)

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