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SERIOUS problem with Admin...


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I just encountered a strange but very serious problem using "Admin": If I attempt to edit a product's image, I can click on the "browse" button to load a pic from my pc, but when the name of the image is displayed (in the small white box) it reads "C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\XXXX\image.gif" (you get the idea).

WHY is this happening? Better yet, HOW can I fix this ASAP???

Please, I have no idea what's going on here...and I need a fix for this quick.

Thank you. :)

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Have you had any problem getting it to upload and display on your site???

It is supposed to have that in the little white box in admin, after you upload it will go into your images folder and then it will be called from there

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Thanks for the reply...Sorry about the "freak out" on my part: I was very tired and the problem wasn't necessarily about product images. I'd just removed the right column from my site, and when I was finished I noticed that for some reason, the "pixel_trans.gif" is being stretched (to the right) along with everything else (on every page/file I removed the call for the column_right).

So, I went into admin to change this and somehow, my pixel_trans.gif "lost" its "kb" and was an empty file. That's when I noticed the "C:\Documents..." in the white box in admin (I use WinXP) for the first time (believe it or not, I'd bet the ranch that I'd never seen it displayed like this before).

Anyway, the problem is the pixel_trans.gif being stretched to the right of the page, which I don't want. Two ways around it that I see: edit out the tep draw code for this or replace it with a small white .gif.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again.



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