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The e-commerce.

Would anyone like to suggest an osc friendly host?


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I administer 3 different sites. Only one has a shopping cart, which is Miva Merchant.


I don't much care for Miva because one is quite limited to what can be altered. It is relatively easy to use, no doubt because of the limitations. Also, except for the ability to load product info via csv files, any other administration MUST be done online through the control panel which is god-awful slow and ponderous. This of course is much worse when done via very poor dial-up.


For about the past week and half I have been tweaking/learning osc on my win2k box at home. I have not tried to install osc on the host yet. The host is Linux with php run as cgi. MySQL is run on a separate machine.


I am concerned about running osc as cgi, especially with register_globals=on. Not sure that I can even do that at this point. IIRC, php installs on win2k as cgi, so getting osc to work this way does not seem to be an issue. But I did have to turn globals on which, of course is easily done on my own box. My host says that to use mod_php instead of cgi, you need to get a dedicated server $$$. Not worth it for my use.


Since I am looking into setting up an osc store, I am curious if there are hosts that are favored for osc use, for one reason or another.


Hopefully I am just making more of this than need be. Any suggestions?

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