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How can I set "postcode" not required


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I don't wanna postcode field to be filled as mandatory while a customer creats an account.

Currently this field must be filled out according to "min field lenght", but some of our customers want to leave this field blank. :o

I tried to make modification in creat_account.php but osC still asks for this field filled.


Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:



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hi. in catalog/includes is a file called form check js.php

just find the relevant line fro post code and delete it. I tried this just and it worked fine, toi be on the safe side though down load another copy of the file to another direcrtory as a back up.

it is a form validation cade for the forma on the pages.

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thanks for reply


and I think I must set postcode field as "null". default is "not null"


check_input("postcode", <?php echo ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH; ?>, "<?php echo ENTRY_POST_CODE_ERROR; ?>");  


then i did your advice by disabled the above line and javascript control ok but this time a warning appears at upper of the form. (It says like "Postcode field must have min. x character") :o


should I change something in "create_account.php" in \catalog :unsure:

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then I disabled the following code in create_account.php" and now works. :)

if (strlen($postcode) < ENTRY_POSTCODE_MIN_LENGTH) {
     $error = true;

     $messageStack->add('create_account', ENTRY_POST_CODE_ERROR);

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